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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Of Bjd Fashion: Dresses to Sew and a Tutorial

Anna has been sewing doll clothes again.  Not specifically for myself, though she did make me a lovely new dress so I have no cause for complaint.

Of Bjd Fashion: Dresses to Sew and a Tutorial

It was for this sweet little doll.  I present Cerise Hood.  She is an Ever After High doll that belongs to Anna’s dear little niece.  Anna’s niece has similar fashion dolls that are all lacking in appropriate atire.  Since today is the child’s birthday, Anna decided to remedy the situation.  She discussed this here on her own blog.

Anna was generous enough to create a video tutorial, showing the world how to make these quaint little dresses.  I have decided to add it here so my wonderful readers will be able view it and perhaps find it useful.

It mostly features my new friend, but I do make an appearance.  Hence why Anna was gracious enough to make a new dress for me. 

I do quite like it.  It fits me like a glove, and the lace detail and simple bow are a lovely yet subtle addition.  It is a tiny bit bare which makes it perfect for a nice lazy Summer day.  However, I shall require more layers for the current weather.  Maybe a lovely new blouse to wear underneath?

I’m glad to hear Hikaru likes the dress and that she is showing off my new video.  I do wonder if the only reason for that is because she is in it.

Anyway, I’m in a good enough mood that I won’t go on about how Hikaru’s “new friend” is made by Mattel (the company that makes Barbie).  It’s not important enough to dwell on. 
As for a new blouse, that could be possible in the future.

Mattel?  I shall not dwell on it either.  And there is no wrong doing in sharing a video that features my lovely visage.  Maybe if I appear in Anna’s videos more they will receive more positive feedback.   

Anyway, I am off to join Cerise for a cup of tea while viewing more videos.  Be at peace.

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